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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
Whenever a new receiver
arrives at one of our test
centers the first element
of surprise comes when
we unpack the device. This
time we were met with a to-
tal of three tuner inputs on
the rear panel, which at first
sight seemed to be slightly
over the top.
On second though, how-
ever, it makes perfect sense
and only goes to show the
amount of insight and at-
tention to detail Amiko puts
into its products. By closely
observing market trends
the manufacturer rightly
realised that satellite tel-
evision offers unparalleled
variety and a DVB-S2 tun-
er can whizz up thousands
of channels to the living
room TV. But what about
the many smaller and local
channels closer to home,
which cannot afford dis-
tribution via satellite and
consequently rely on DVB-
T, local cable networks or
Internet TV? It is precisely
these non-satellite channels
that Amiko targets with its
new Alien 2, which is based
on the popular Alien (see
test report in TELE-satellite
04-05/2011) but comes with
an additional DVB-T/C tuner.
Fulan was again selected as
the provider for the web TV
software which means the
Alien 2 is perfectly suited
for IPTV as well.
But we digress, let’s take
one step at a time and be-
Triple Tuner PVR HDTV Receiver
Triple Tuner PVR for DVB-S2
and DVB-T/C Reception
Unbeatable combination of features and
function – for excellent viewing pleasure!