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39 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
a dedicated menu item is
available for PVR functions.
Here you can permanently
activate timeshift viewing,
select a partition of the ex-
ternal USB storage medium
for recordings and request
the receiver to automatical-
ly add the timeshift buffer
to a recording that is start-
ed manually. In our opinion,
this is a particularly conven-
ient feature as it makes sure
you can save an entire pro-
gram even though you only
initiate the recording some
time into the broadcast.
Once all settings are tak-
en care of and the receiver
is hooked up to all existing
equipment it is finally time
to do what that neat lit-
tle DVB-T box is made for:
watch TV!
As usual, pressing the OK
button on the remote calls
up the channel list. Not so
usual is the fact that the
left/right buttons can be
used to access and switch
between the favourites lists,
a feature that we truly came
to appreciate during our
A cleverly designed and
easy to read info bar pops
up every time a new chan-
nel is selected, showing the
title of the current and next
events if this information is
provided by the channel.
The HDT-127A takes ap-
proximately one second
to switch between chan-
nels, which puts a lot of fun
into zapping. We were im-
pressed with the video and
audio quality delivered by
this DVB-T receiver: If you
make use of the HDMI con-
nection you’ll be spoilt with
crisp and sharp images and
true-to-life colours, while
the coax digital audio output
offered a flawless sound-
track to our DD 5.1 home
theatre receiver.
While the HDT-127A only
supports DVB-T and cannot
process DVB-T2 signals, it
is nonetheless capable of
dealing with HDTV broad-
casts transmitted in MPEG4.
Such signals are not avail-
able at our location, which is
why we decided to convert
the signals of two satellite
transponders to an MPEG4
DVB-T frequency so that we
were able to check the box’s
worth in terms of HDTV
To that end we used His-
panTV from EUTELSAT 7A 7°
East and the Saudi Sports
transponder from BADR 26°
East. HispanTV uses MPEG4
SD as transmission stand-
ard, while Saudi Sports
channels come in MPEG4
HD. As expected, all chan-
nels were processed by the
HDT-127A smoothly and
without any glitches what-
Picture this: You’re relax-
ing in front of the telly after
a busy day at work only to
find out that your significant
other has thrown away to-
day’s paper with the TV list-
ings. Not a problem at all –
simply press the EPG button
on the remote and let your
receiver spell out every-
thing that’s on TV tonight.
Detailed program informa-
tion for up to five channels
is displayed in a grid layout.
It is possible to jump back
and forth in steps of two
hours or one full day, up to
a maximum preview for sev-
en days. If you’re aiming for
1. Installation wizard of the HDT-127A
2. A new resolution needs to be confirmed within 15 seconds,
otherwise the receiver will switch back to the last working
3. Automatic channel search
4. The channel list can be managed and edited in numerous ways
5. Entering the frequency number for a manual search
6. The Panodic HDT-127A can even assist with correct antenna
7. Language selection
8. Setting the correct time
9. Timer entries can be created for daily, weekly or monthly
10. A total of eight timer entries are available and can be assigned
individual names