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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
Space-saving and
Elegant DVB-T Receiver
The Panodic company slo-
gan is ‘Digital World. Simple
Life.’ and the HDT-127A lives
up to that promise. We’re
talking about an elegant
DVB-T set-top box that is
small yet easy to use and
filled to the brim with useful
Measuring only 190 x 120
x 35 mm it will fit into any
TV cabinet and blend in
nicely thanks to its unob-
trusive overall appearance.
But don’t be deceived by its
small size: With all the func-
tions it has in store it will
please even the most dis-
cerning users.
A four-digit segment dis-
play on the front panel shows
either the channel number
of the currently selected
station or the time when in
standby mode. In addition,
an LED indicates the oper-
ating mode of the receiver
which can be changed with
the On/Standby button that
is located right next to it.
During our test we came
to appreciate the USB 2.0
interface right on the front
panel – this way it’s much
less hassle to connect and
disconnect a USB storage
If we now turn around the
receiver to have a look at
the rear panel we can find
the RF input as well as loop-
through output, HDMI for
high-definition video and
audio output, a scart euro-
connector for hooking up
standard-definition TV sets,
as well as three RCA jacks
for stereo audio and CVBS
video. A coax digital au-
dio output for digital sound
rounds off the connection
options. The only thing that
is lacking is a mechanical
power switch to fully dis-
connect the box from the
The remote control that
is shipped together with the
receiver comes with clearly
labelled buttons offering
a very pleasant pressure
point. Like the receiver it-
self the remote is very small
in size and it should be used
within a three metre radi-
us from the receiver if you
want to make sure the box
listens to all of your com-
The level of workmanship
of the HDT-127A is rather
high, but we would not have
expected anything less from
Most receivers these
days feature an installation
wizard that guides users
through the initial set-up
routine, and the new Panod-
ic HDT-127A is no exception.
What is new, however, is the
user experience offered by
this box: While most manu-
facturers lead users to a
number of windows in which
individual settings can be
adjusted, Panodic has ar-
ranged the four most im-
portant sections (region,
language, video resolution,
video aspect) in a single
Panodic HDT-127A DVB-T
Perfectly equipped DVB-T
mini receiver