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315 —
TELE-satellite International —
Several years ago fortune-
tellers were predicting that
every living roomwould have
an interactive multimedia
terminal. Through the use of
touch screens we would lock
ourselves in our houses and
become part of the TV pro-
gram. No one ever thought
about the housewives that
would have to remove all
the fingerprints from the
TV screens and almost cer-
tainly no one considered the
fact that TV viewers simply
wanted nothing more than
to be entertained. A solution
in which all of today’s enter-
tainment mediums were all
found in one easy to use
box never materialized. That
makes this multimedia unit
presented here from ADT a
world premiere.
A quick look at the design
of the silver-colored cabi-
net might make you suspi-
cious about the price. In the
center is a multi-display that
not only shows the current
channel number and name
(!), but similar to a good
video recorder, all the other
parameters of the hard drive
and the audio. 5000 chan-
nels on 64 satellites plus
32 DiSEqC 1.2 controllable
positions are available. On
the right side of the front
panel hidden behind a flap
that is almost impossible to
see are all the control but-
tons for the hard drive and
the receiver.
Fast and Friendly
Just because you own
a digital satellite receiver
shouldn’t require you to be
an expert when it comes
to programming such a
unit. Samsung realized
this and with its new model
SCI-703E has made things
such as the initial instal-
lation much easier. When
the receiver is plugged in
and turned on for the first
time, a beginner’s menu
will safely guide the user
through the entire proce-
dure. Throughout the setup
process a pair of bar graphs
showing signal strength
and quality are blended in.
With 3600 channels and
50 satellites, the built-in
DiSEqC 1.2 is an absolute
must. This permits not only
a 4x1 DiSEqC switch to be
used but also a correspond-
ing motor.
New satellites can be
easily added and named.
And if SAMSUNG should
release new software for
the SCI-703E, it can be
quickly and conveniently
downloaded via satellite.
Many other manufacturers
also offer such a satellite-
based software download
service but most of the
time this is only available
from one satellite. Those
that happen to live outside
the range of this satellite
can’t take advantage of this
method. SAMSUNG on the
other hand offers this ser-
vice via a number of C-band
and Ku-band satellites.
New satellite data can be
uploaded via PC.
ADT-8110: Satellite TV, Hard
Drive, DVD, CD, MP3, MPEG Play-
back and More All in One Box