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Years Ago
Satellite News 1982:
The first European experimental TV programme is transmittd
via the OTS satellite. It's called EURIKON. Between May and
November 1982 5 tranmission blocks are transmitted via the OTS
satellite, eah block consisting of 7 days. This gives the European
broadcasters the opportunity both to check the programming of a
"Europe Program" and to test in real live their technology. Actively
supported are the tests by the broadcasters from Netherlands, UK,
West-Germany, Austria and Italy. Further broadcasters participate
passively. The Uplink is on 14.3025 GHz and the Downlink on 11.64
GHz. Two beacons can be used to align the reception dishes. One
beacon transmits on 11.575 Ghz with 18dBW linear and the other
on on 11.786 GHz with 2dBw circular. The EURIKON transmissions
themselves however arestill done in linear polaization, but in futur
they will switch to circular. Apparently, there are still technical
problems to solve circular reception.
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