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Setup windows
29 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
played with various con-
figuration settings avail-
able in the sub pages of
the By the
way, even this IP address
at which BluBox is normally
available can be changed by
the user. So if you expect
you may need frequent con-
figuration changes of sever-
al BluBox modules, you may
give them individual ad-
dresses (like,,...) and con-
nect them permanently to
your computer network. If
you think that you will only
occasionally need to correct
the settings, you may leave
the address unchanged and
connect to your network
only one module at a time to
edit and save the settings.
That’s how we did it during
our test.
If you have one BluBox
16 and want to insert satel-
lite TV and radio channels
from a Ku-band satellite into
your cable network, prob-
ably the best idea is to use
a quad LNB and configure
all four satellite inputs/out-
puts of the BluBox as the
ordinary inputs. Then, you
connect each LNB output to
the BluBox 16 satellite input.
In this way, you will have a
guarantee that you will be
able to select any combina-
tion of transponders from
the Ku-band satellite, no
matter low/high band or H/V
polarization. Of course, you
can do the same with quat-
tro LNB.
The configuration process
is simplified by the SPAUN
software to the maximum.
While you can do it by se-
lecting a satellite tran-
sponder from the list (by
its frequency), you can do
that also by selecting a TV
channel name from the list
(like FTV, CNN,...). Present-
ly, BluBox 16 has the most
popular European satellites
stored in its memory (AS-
TRA 19.2° East, HOTBIRD
13° East and EUROBIRD 9°
East) but you are able to add
additional ones by yourself.
After selecting the satellite
transponder (either directly
or by choosing the TV chan-
nel from that transponder),
you select the frequency of
the QAM channel that is sup-
posed to carry the content
of the satellite transponder.
You simply pick it from the
list which contains QAM
channel numbers and corre-
sponding frequencies.
By default, the box as-
sumes 256QAM and 6.9 Ms/
sec. However, after switch-
ing the user interface from
basic to expert mode, you
are free to change it to any
QAM order and any symbol
rate. However, we advise
to keep 6.9 Ms/sec as this
matches the 8 MHz channel
bandwidth normally used in
cable TV.
If you do everything like
we described above, you
should notice that all 10
status LEDs of the mod-
ule located above the RJ45
connector turn from amber
to green. This means that
the BluBox 16 locked to all
programmed satellite tran-
sponders and generated