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261 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
another 1.6-meter dish that is also
pointed to SATMEX 5: “The smaller
antenna is used for Ku-band recep-
tion on SATMEX 5.”
Next to those are two more an-
tennas that are 2.8-meters in diam-
eter: “One of them is aligned with
NSS806 while the other is pointed to
STARONE C2 at 70° west.”
At one point Ronaldo had 19 dishes
installed although today he doesn’t
have as much time anymore to work
on his hobby because of his two
He still remembers when he got
his first issue of TELE-satellite in
his hands: “A friend of mine went to
Switzerland and came back with two
issues.” Today he reads the Portu-
guese version of TELE-satellite in the
Ronaldo managed to take his in-
terest in satellite reception and suc-
cessfully expand it to two companies
that have to do with transmission
technology. He created two success-
ful companies from his hobby.
1. To the left a portion
of his 5-meter
dish, to the right a
1.6-meter antenna
pointed to SATMEX
5 at 116° west. It’s
easy to see the low
elevation of 9°.
2. “Big” Ronaldo
uses a large
assortment of test
equipment in his
workshop. One of his
companies sells and
repairs amateur radio
3. Ronaldo’s
company Pignet
offers wireless
Internet service in
the Brazilian city of