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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
help of a template, he stapled the
segments perfectly together. “The
feed horn cover is a simple can in
which I mounted a very narrow LNB”,
says Ralf who then points out the
support stand, “This piece came from
a TV antenna and these pieces here
are simple threaded rods.”
One night a light bulb went off in
his head and he came upon the idea
to take LED light strips, like those
used to pimp a car, and bend them
into a circle and install them in the
feed horn of his dishes. It gives his
dishes a supernatural look to them.
It’s no wonder that his neighbors
look at Ralf’s hobby with some skep-
ticism. “They simply don’t under-
stand what I’m doing here”, says
Ralf, “They say that I can only watch
one channel at a time anyway, what
do I want with 8000 channels?” But
it’s not about watching 8000 chan-
nels, it’s about being able to receive
8000 channels.
1. What’s this? A dish light. A C-band feed
with an LED light strip in the outer groove.
2. Ralf Sunke shows us what the dish light
is good for. At night he can illuminate his
dish thereby scaring his neighbors into
thinking that aliens have landed on Earth.