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251 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
1. On the left is a milk carton from a local
supermarket and on the right is a satellite
dish made from a number of these empty
milk cartons.
2. Front side of the milk carton dish. The
inside of the milk carton container makes
for a perfect reflector surface.
3. Closeup view of the homemade stapled
milk carton dish.
4. DX-Ralf DXing: he’s receiving a channel
from Kenya on INTELSAT 906 at 64.2E in
the C-band.
in extreme western Germany, Ralf
Sunke over the years has managed
to put together a one-of-a-kind col-
lection of satellite dishes and satellite
feed horns along with a vast number
of C-band and Ku-band LNBs.
His specialty is the mechanical de-
sign of the feed horns. “There aren’t
many people that are familiar with
the mechanics of feed horns” he ex-
plains to us, “A perfectly matched
feed horn can significantly increase
A weak spot with many feed horns
is the lack of water resistance of
many of the makes. “That was really
the reason why I became a satellite