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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
transferred to the TV screen in your liv-
ing room. In other words, it’s the com-
plete interconnection of every device.
“We’re working under contract with
well-known manufacturers from the
digital TV industry”, reveals Anna to us,
“and this includes companies that can
be found in TELE-satellite magazine.”
For sure it won’t take long for receivers
with Anna’s new software to show up at
TELE-satellite for testing.
In the first ten years Anna, as the
head of the company, already has quite
a bit on her plate. Now we want to know
how all of this developed financially. “In
the beginning I used my own money to
start the website and keep it active”,
recalls Anna. But today the situation is
different: “In 2011 our DVBCN website
pulled in about 1.0 million RMB (roughly
US$ 150,000), the recruitment website achieved about the
same numbers and our software devel-
opment netted about 2.0 million RMB.”
The company Digital Technology Ltd,
that only just got started recently, has
developed itself quite exceptionally and
Anna sees here significant increases
in income for 2012 (“about 50% more
than in 2011”). The recruitment site
is also expected to increase (“around
30%”) while the DVBCN website should
remain about the same. “But DVBCN
is not just the base from which every-
thing else was developed; it is also the
mouthpiece and display window for all
our other activities”, and for this reason
Anna is relaxed about not seeing much
increase of income from this site.
1. DVBCN’s editorial team (from l to r): Bella Lee and Jean Fang are news editors, Andrew
Wang is forum editor and Ao Rick is a reporter.
2. Two of the Marketing Team employees at DVBCN: Marketing Manager Steven Song
(left) and Marketing Specialist Alex Wang. They take care of the advertisements on the website as well as the jobs seeking and jobs offerings announcements on the
recruitment site
Anna has managed in just a few short
years to take her one website, that she
just happened to start at the right time,
and turn it into a flourishing company.
Everyone in China associated with the
digital TV market knows of her website
and she continues to work on expand-
ing her ascendancy. In a male dominat-
ed market Anna has managed to drive
herself and her company to the top. It’s
quite a success story for her and we
congratulate her on the company’s 10-
year anniversary!