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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
How Anna Built up
in Just 10 Years
Alexander Wiese
Anna Xie is founder and owner of DVBCN,
the largest website for digital TV in China
( Recently DVBCN began
cooperating with TELE-satellite. The first
DVBCN ad appeared in the TELE-satellite
issue that Anna is holding in her hand.
It’s not easy to find women in lead-
ing positions in the digital TV business
and it’s even rarer for women to actu-
ally start a company in this business.
But that’s exactly what Anna Xie did:
she started a website from nothing and
in just 10 years built it up into China’s
largest site for digital TV. It’s an excit-
ing story that we wanted to hear about
directly from her.
DVBCN’s offices can be found in
Shanghai’s Minhang District. Anna rent-
ed expansive office space on the fifth
floor of a modern office building. 10 em-
ployees work there although DVBCN has
an additional 13 employees. But more
on that later. First we wanted to know
how Anna managed to turn her website
into China’s largest site for digital TV.
She explains to us: “I come from
Wenzhou in the Zhejiang Province.” This
province is located south of Shanghai;
Anna studied at the university in Shang-
hai. “I studied TV and radio journalism.”
That was in 2001. And she was still a
brand new student when she start-
ed her website DVBCN in 2002 (www. “At first it was just a forum
to discuss technical information.”
As you can tell by the website’s name,
her forum dealt back then primarily with
the new DVB technology. “We made
available for download all documents,
Digital TV Website, China