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205 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
work that they invited me to stay.” Rod
didn’t take long to decide; giving up the
rainy weather in northern London for
consistently sunny days in California?
It was a no-brainer. Since he had al-
ready worked for many years for the
company in England, it wasn’t difficult
to get a work permit.
1. In this digital day and age large
offices are no longer necessary. Rod
Hewitt works from home and simply
installed the technology for the
24/7/365 recording of TV channels in
his bedroom. In the background is
the PC with the slots for multiple hard
2. Rod explains the setup: “These
four cable receivers each of which
have two tuners are connected to the
cable connection in my apartment via
an eight-way splitter and an active
amplifier.” Using two large PCs, with
one as a backup, Rod records the
data stream from 22 channels. The
filled hard drives are sent to ‘Internet
Archive’ in San Francisco to be
3. Rod uses a monitor to keep an
eye on all the MPEG data from the
recorded TV channels. He uses mini
MACs for his work. Replacement
hard drives are ready to go as soon
as one is full. “They’re automated to
the extent that I can record all 22 TV
channels uninterrupted with my two
PCs and all the empty hard drives for
about one month.”
4. The old recording system based on
DLT (Digital Live Tape). Rod is now
busy transferring the recorded data
on the tapes over to hard drives.