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— 06-07-08/2012
Quality Assurance
at SVEC:
1. In this chamber all of the mounting components, screws,
feed, mount, etc. are hung in place. Quality Engineer
Zhong Hua Ping (pictured) tells us what happens next:
“These pieces remain in this chamber for 500 hours, almost
three weeks, and are sprayed with 5% saltwater at 34°C.”
After three weeks the components have been artificially
weathered as if they had been out in the open for seven
2. Quality Engineer Zhong Hua Ping retrieves a dish mount
from the chamber and inspects the cross scratched into
the surface. “We purposely put scratches in the paint to
see how the rust developed.” In this way SVEC with this
aging chamber can determine what influence the handling
of the material has on the aging process.