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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
Quality Control at
1. One of the engineers in the Quality Assurance Team is
Xin Giang. Here he can be seen mounting a reception probe
for the Ka-Band in the Microwave Still Room. This room was
newly installed by SVEC in 2011. Send and receive dishes are
tested here. The chambers guarantee that there is no external
influence and the Styrofoam spikes keep signal reflections to
an absolute minimum.
2. The Microwave Still Room measures 8m long, 4m wide and
3m high. While the reception probes are mounted on one side
of the chamber, the transmitting probes are located on the
opposite side.
3. As soon as the send and receive probes of the test sample
are installed, the test engineer steps out of the chamber and
reads the results from the Agilent Signal Analyzer (up top in
the rack) at the measurement station. In the rack at the bottom
can be found the motor controls to operate the two probes
4. The software permits extremely fine control of the send and
receiver probes. In this way satellite dishes and LNBs can be
tested in any position so that the reception characteristics
can be automatically evaluated. This generates, for example,
graphics showing the reception angle window of an offset