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191 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
1. A look at SVEC’s dish production: 60cm
diameter antennas as well as 1.2-meter
segmented dishes are prepared for shipping
2. The SVEC dishes are packed with all the
required mounting components.
to large orders.” The extra costs of this new
system will be recovered through its greater
flexibility and above all through the higher
quality of the satellite dish.
The investment in this new assembly line,
that came at a cost of US$ 1.6 million, turns
out to be not their only investment over the
past several years. “We also invested heavi-
ly in our quality assurance“, says Becky who
then provides us some specifics: “We installed
a new microwave chamber, a Far-Field test
station, refurbished our aging chamber and
erected a precision measurement chamber.”
SVEC CEO Wang Duo invested quite a bit
of money in order to manufacture products
at yet higher levels of quality in order to step
into the more demanding world of VSAT and
Ka-Band. SVEC wants to not only take their
millions of satellite dishes to new and higher
levels of quality, they also want to be able to
deliver high quality products to the professio-
nal world as well.
SVEC has invested in such a way that they
are properly prepared for the future. Quantity
alone is not enough; the quality must also be
right so that the customers‘ requirements can
be fulfilled. SVEC has reached that potential.