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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
“We are currently installing a roboti-
cally controlled production system at
our location in Jiangzhou not far from
Shanghai”, explains Becky to us, “It’s
an assembly line similar to what you’d
see at an automobile manufacturer.
The manufacturer of the assembly li-
neadapted it to our satellite dish pro-
duction line.”
As soon as the new production line
goes into operation, which is planned
to take place around the same time this
edition of TELE-satellite is published,
SVEC will be able to produce satellite
dishes at quality levels that have up
until now been unreachable. Becky ex-
plains: “Thus far, the raw dishes have
been manually dunked in various baths
to remove any oil residue to prepare
the dishes for the spray painting station
and so on.” With the new assembly line
all of these tasks will now be handled
“We will then only need two techni-
cians to watch over the system.” That
portion of manual work will disappear:
“The application of paint to the dishes
can then lie within extremely tight li-
mits.” It’s a precision that currently
cannot be reached with manual spray
Becky points out yet another advan-
tage of this new production system:
“We can therefore react very quickly
A look in SVEC’s showroom
with a variety of satellite dish
types and shapes.