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159 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
be found 30km away in Hongqi Town
where you’ll find a brand new 300,000
sq-meter building. The central section
contains GOOSAT’s administration as
well as the Research and Development
engineers and programmers. The ac-
tual production facility can be found in
the two adjacent sections of the build-
Production is already in the millions
reveals Marketing manager Josie Yang
to us: “In 2010 we produced 4.2 million
digital TV receivers.” It was a little less
in 2011.
The outlook is much better for 2012:
“We’re expecting to boost production
to 4.5 million pieces in the new factory
in Zhuhai.” Above all, sales will signifi-
cantly rise considering that the qual-
ity of the products will increase thanks
in part to the new manufacturing ma-
Marketing manager
Josie Yang in GOOSAT’s
showroom in front of a large
receiver manufacturing headquarters,
competition is growing between Shen-
zhen and Zhuhai.
GOOSAT actually has its roots in
Shenzhen. TELE-satellite reported on
this back in the 02-03/2011 issue. Sure
enough, GOOSAT’s factory isn’t locat-
ed in central Zhuhai, but rather it can