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133 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
Configuration of the lcd4linux
plug-in and media player settings:
3: The linux4lcd file can be found in the plug-in menu.
4: This is where linux4lcd should appear after successful
installation of the plug-in and re-start of the receiver.
5: It is possible to save the numerous configuration options of
the linux4lcd plug-in and retrieve them at a later stage – when you
want or need to update the receiver’s firmware, for instance.
6: The first menu item takes care of the basic settings of the
picture frame.
7: You can define the city for the weather forecast here – the
plug-in then uses the Internet connection of the AZBox ME to load
the corresponding data and to keep the forecast up-to-date.
8: The next step of the configuration process deals with the default
layout that is comes up every time the receiver is switched on. This
is where you can choose to display the channel logo, among other
9: You decide about how your external panel looks – all elements
can be arranged freely on the display.
10: Another option group allows activating a different display
layout whenever the media player is active. It is possible to show
the title of the currently playing movie or song information.
11: Due to the sheer range of options it takes some time until the
display looks just the way you like it. Luckily, the plug-in visualises
all changes right away so that you can always keep an eye on the
final result.