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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
list on the top left section.
Right below that window
the EPG data of the cur-
rent channel starts to build
up after a few seconds. The
reason there is a slight de-
lay is the fact that KartinaTV
has to load all EPG data and
channel logos from the In-
ternet when it is first start-
ed. This is a one-time pro-
4. More than 120 SD, HD,
3D and FullHD channels are
5. EPG information of the
current channel is shown
in the lower left area of the
6. The channel line-up
includes three adult channels
as well
7. Here the comprehensive
KartinaTV EPG lists events
that were already broadcast
but can be still viewed on
cess, though, and with all
subsequent channel chang-
es EPG information will be
displayed right away.
The channel list layout is
of remarkable clarity and
very appealing, it even
shows the channel logo next
to its name and looks more
like a web interface than a
set-top box OSD. Whenever
the channel list is called up
a small window in the up-
per left corner of the screen
shows the currently selected
channel. This way you can
stay glued to the current
broadcast while scrolling
up and down the list. If you
want to switch to a channel
on the list all you need to
do is press the ‘OK’ button
twice to make the list disap-
pear and to watch the chan-
nel in full-screen mode. Just
like with satellite television,
a touch of the ‘Info’ button
reveals the title of the cur-
rent and next events.
In theory, zapping could
be awesome with such a
great-looking and easy-to-
use interface, but it is here
that an inherent weakness
of IPTV comes to the fore:
You’re forced to wait ap-
proximately three seconds
from the time you select a
channel until it actually ap-
pears on screen, as this is
the time it takes for the re-
ceiver to request, receive,
process and finally display
the online data stream.
One of the most useful
features of the channel list
is the category option, which
means you can restrict the
channels on the list to gen-
res such as music, news,
entertainment, sports or
nature, to name just a few.
For many of our read-
ers IPTV probably equates
to low-quality video full of
pixelisations and artefacts,
matched to awful audio.
In this day and age of hi-
def satellite television, who
would take up with some-
thing like that? If you, too,
think along those lines, you
better think again! We per-