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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
Spark Receiver Software
IPTV the way it should be!
Thomas Haring
For a perfect online match
to the Spark software you
don’t have to look further
than KartinaTV, an IPTV
provider that is seamlessly
integrated in the receiver’s
software. Offering in ex-
cess of 120 different chan-
nels KartinaTV has in store
a truly extensive line-up of
primarily Russian-language
TV stations and is available
worldwide over the Inter-
net. In addition to virtually
all public and commercial TV
channels from Russia, there
are a number of internation-
al channels available in SD
quality plus 18 HD channels,
one Full HD channel and
two 3D channels. Various
themed channels and a total
of four adult entertainment
channels cater for different
target groups and round off
the provider’s IPTV offering.
Access to KartinaTV is fully
integrated in Fulan’s Spark
operating software with a
dedicated menu item which
can be found in the ‘Net-
working’ section. After all,
we’re talking about content
distributed via the Internet.
from all satellite features
of the receiver KartinaTV
has its own user interface
and operating structure.
Both the on-screen menus
and the available additional
features and functions are
tailor-made for the Kartina
IPTV package and create a
unique user experience.
Basically, KartinaTV is pay
TV and this means only sub-
scribers with a valid user
name and password are able
to access content. That’s the
reason why the Spark soft-
ware will first make sure you
are authorised to watch Kar-
tinaTV content before mak-
ing any channel available,
and you need a subscrip-
tion with KartinaTV to obtain
your login data.
Right after we had com-
pleted the login process we
were greeted by the channel
list on the right half of the
screen and a window show-
ing the first channel of the
1. You can find KartinaTV in
the ‘Networking’ menu of the
Spark software
2. Before you can start
enjoying KartinaTV you have
to key in your username and
3. The channel list of the
KartinaTV application is
very pleasing to the eye. It
goes without saying that
Cyrillic characters are used if
State-of-the art satellite
receivers are much more
versatile than their name
implies. One example is the
receiver range offered by
manufacturer Fulan: Their
Spark operating system
adds full Internet connectiv-
ity to satellite reception and
allows to watch IPTV content
in SD and HD quality.