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The upgrade procedure is
fairly easy, as the meter can
be flashed by just copying
the firmware file to a USB
memory. Within the USB
menu of the TM-6800+ the
“Soft Upgrade” function will
list all found *.bin files on
the root folder of the USB
memory. The selection can
be made by using the UP-
and DOWN-keys. The OK-
Key will initiate the upgrade
process. We noticed that
the meter verifies the integ-
rity of the firmware file prior
to flashing it, thus avoiding
a bad flash due to a wrong
or faulty firmware file. Very
After a reboot we could
use the new firmware and
we noticed a few minor, but
important changes:
• The meter supports DiS-
EqC-1.2 and USALS for mo-
torized dishes. USALS is far
easier and comfortable to
use, since all the user has
to do is to specify his loca-
tion and the meter (like any
USALS compatible receiver)
will calculate the position of
all the satellites. No more
searching and storing satel-
lites manually! Of course you
will need a USALS-compati-
ble motor.
• Well hidden in the menu
for the LNB configuration is
the SCR or Unicable option.
This allows the installer to
check unicable installations
using the TM-6800+. Nor-
mally you will find this op-
tion only in much more ex-
pensive meters and we were
quite surprised of finding this
option. SCR/Unicable instal-
lations allow up to 8 users to
be connected to a SCR-LNB
through the same single LNB
cable. A special SCR/Unica-
ble switch will provide each
user with a reserved band-
width, allowing an independ-
ent viewing of all 4 satellite
bands. This is the ideal in-
stallation for i.e. older multi-
family buildings where the
installer wants to maintain
existing cables and the pass-
ing of new cables is not vi-
• Using the “.”-key we
could store the constellation
diagram and measured data
to a USB disk or the internal
memory. With this firmware
update, up to 20 datasets
can be stored within the me-
ters internal memory. This
should be enough for a day
without the hassle of carry-
ing a USB disk. The CAPT-
Key will grab screenshots of
most screens, thus allowing
an easy documentation of
the measurements carried
It is good to see that the
Trimax is committed to re-
lease updated firmware for
the TM-6800+ this soon and
our positive impression of
this device just got better!
Last Minute Firmware Update
• Just before editorial deadline
a new firmware release,
v1.0.3, found its way into our
test center. We immediately
upgraded the software of our
Trimax TM-6800+ to check out
the new features.
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04-05/2012 —
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