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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
Genie in a Box
Digital TV Signal Meter
If we had to give a catchy
name to the new Trimax flag-
ship it would be ‘Genie in a
Box’. It’s small, yet can do
almost anything you want it
to do. The new Trimax signal
meter arrived in a stylish box
which is kept close with two
magnets – now that’s some-
thing new! Once opened we
discovered the meter itself,
packed in a protective soft-
bag made of nylon, a mains
charger, a vehicle charger,
an RCA A/V cable as well as
a neckstrap.
Let’s start with the high-
quality protective bag which
we found extremely con-
venient. Taylor-made for the
TM6800+ it can be used to
carry the meter on the neck
using the available strap.
Lateral flaps are available
to keep the display readable
even in direct sunlight.
More often than not signal
meters that appear neat and
tiny on marketing material
turn out to be much bulkier
than expected, so that sin-
gle-hand operation quickly
loses much of its appeal. As
far as the Trimax6800+ is
concerned, however, we can
happily confirm that an aver-
age sized hand is big enough
to hold the meter – and use
it, too. We know that many
installers are not too happy
with neckstraps, so this tar-
get group in particular will
appreciate the meter’s con-
venient size.
And if that alone does not
make your heart beat high-
er, just have a closer look
at the connection options
of the new Trimax meter:
Apart from the obligatory HF
input on the top side of the
box, you will also find the
A/C socket as well as an ASI
connection, a feature that
is absolutely unique for sig-
nal meters in this segment.
Even many top-of-the-range
Trimax TM-6800+
All the features you need, plus professional
extras like ASI and spectrum display