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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
aimed at HOTBIRD 13° East,
you know that you should
turn it 15 degrees eastward.
Switch the analyzer back to
spectrum mode (by pressing
spectrum button twice) and
turn slowly your dish east-
ward until you see again sig-
nal peaks. Adjust azimuth,
elevation and tilt for maxi-
mum peak height and check
which satellite it is. In this
way, after a short while, you
will have your dish aimed at
EUROBIRD 2 on 28.2° East.
Does it end the process?
Not exactly. We are sure
that after spending money
on a signal analyzer, you
would like to have each of
your dishes set up perfect-
ly. So, it is time to switch
to measurement mode now
Press Enter key when the
word Setup is highlighted at
the top your screen. This will
activate transponder switch-
ing. Now turn the “knob” and
find a transponder that gives
rather high readings of RF
power and C/N ratio. Some
installers would start mak-
ing the final dish adjustment
looking at this screen but
we suggest to press Meas-
urement button again and
display the next window in
which among others, MER
is shown (the very bottom
line). Modulation Error Ratio
is the parameter you should
maximize. Usually it is both
very sensitive to azimuth,
elevation and tilt adjust-
ment as well as quite stable.
It is our favorite parameter
when we fine tune antenna