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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
Uncompromising Performance
Satellite Meter
The SPAUN SPAROS SAT HD comes in robust
plastic enclosure. Thanks to that, the meter will
not get broken even if you treat it without big re-
spect. The enclosure is very handsome and when
you attach a strap included in the kit, you can
conveniently hang the analyzer on your neck.
When opened, the lid can be used as a shade
protecting the display from sunlight. Addition-
ally, the internal side of the lid is an excellent
place to look for the foiled paper with SPAUN‘s
quick start instructions for this model.
SPAROS SAT HD has been equipped with a very
clear 4.3” TFT liquid crystal display with a bright
backlit. There are 8 buttons and a round “tuning
knob”. As you probably guessed already, it is not
a mechanical knob but an array of sensors that
can detect your clockwise and anticlockwise fin-
ger movements. The three buttons to the left of
the “knob” in the upper row are: ON/OFF switch,
Parameter menu (transponder lists) and Setup
menu. The lower row is used to choose analyzer
modes: Spectrum, Measurement and TV watch-
ing. The remaining two buttons to the right of
Very useful meter for setting up critical
satellite systems