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04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
at System Setup we were
all the wiser. As a matter of
fact, it is here that Panodic
has added a dedicated menu
item for doing just that. Plus,
it is also possible here to cre-
ate, display and edit up to
eight timer entries as well as
to protect menu access and
access to certain channels
with a PIN.
staff are frequently asked
what makes a great set-top
box, and our answer always
stays the same: A cleverly
designed and implemented
OSD, reliable software and a
reasonable user concept. We
know that shiny features like
an integrated PVR, blind scan
or DivX playback always catch
our attention and more often
than not determine which
brand or model we buy, but
without a perfect operating
system all those features are
more or less worthless. The
M3601E leaves nothing to be
desired, and quite frankly we
did not expect anything less
from Panodic. A simple touch
of the ‘OK’ button calls up
the channel list and an info
bar pops up every time we
change the channel and dis-
plays the current and next
event as well as date, time
and additional parameters
of the currently selected
channel. That’s all great and
wonderful, but how can you
plan a cosy evening in front
of the telly without know-
ing which channel broad-
casts the latest blockbuster
movie, TV documentary or
your favourite sports event?
With the Panodic M3601E
you need not worry, since it
comes with a fully-fledged
EPG which shows a chart
with the programming of
five channels at a time. Us-
ing the colour-coded function
keys you can scroll through
the available information on
a day-by-day basis or in two-
hour increments. Since the
M3601E also boasts full PVR
functionality it is possible to
mark events for recording.
Picture this: You’re right
in the middle of a suspense
movie und just before the
murder mystery is solved
there is somebody on the
phone or at the door. Thank-
fully, the new Panodic DVB-T
box allows for timeshift view-
ing, so every time somebody
or something interrupts your
viewing pleasure you can
pause the live broadcast
and continue from that very
scene at a later stage. What’s
more, you’re not limited in
your choice of storage me-
dium and can attach either
a USB memory stick, exter-
nal HDD or even SD memory
card to the USB 2.0 port.
Manual recording is anoth-
er feature of this mini receiv-
er which can stand any test,
as it allows HDTV recording
as well, even though it is
not possible to record more
than one channel simultane-
ously. What we truly appreci-
ated, however, was a range
of PVR setup options in the
main menu which – among
other things – lets you decide
whether or not a buffered
1. Installation wizard of the Panodic M3601E
2. System setup with a number of configuration options
3. A USB memory sticks can be used to update the receiver’s
4. The ME3601 is a fully-fletched PVR receiver with a range of
useful functions
5. Channel list editing
6. Manual channel search
7. Antenna alignment with signal indicators
8. Language settings
9. Video output formats
10. Clock adjustment
11. Manual timer entry
12. Up to eight timer entries can be saved
13. Up to eight favourites list can be renamed in the main menu
14. Music, images and videos can be played back by the receiver
15. Playing back HD videos from the Internet