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25 —
04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
16. The Skyworth HS18 becomes a fully-featured PVR receiver with
the addition of a USB 2.0 storage device
17. TimeShift is also supported
18. An Info bar appears at the bottom of the screen with every
channel change and provides information on the current and
upcoming program
19. EPG display of five channels
20. EPG display of one channel
21. Timer entries can be set up directly from the EPG
22. Channels can be easily searched for using the OSD keyboard
23. Two HD recordings can be handled at the same time; if a third
recording is started, the receiver asks the user to stop a current
24. While a recording is in process, the channel list only shows
those channels that are on the same transponder
25. The media player can play back content previously stored on a
USB 2.0 storage device.
26. SCPC reception on TURKSAT 42°E is no problem at all
27. Thanks to language selection, multiple audio channels can be
28. The list with entries after scanning a satellite
29. The HS18 is also a fully-featured MP3-Player, picture viewer and
media center
30. MP3 playback
31. Videos can be played back in a variety of formats without any
32. AVI playback
We should also mention
that the Skyworth HS18 is
one of only a very few digi-
tal receivers that we have
recently tested that can
work with the NTFS data
system. This is particularly
advantageous because you
are no longer restricted by
the FAT system which would
require another file for any-
thing over 4GB. This makes
it easier to edit any record-
ings and, for example, con-
vert them into a DVD at a
later time on your PC.
On top of all these fea-
tures that were just men-
tioned, the little Skyworth
comes with yet even more
small but practical features
including a dedicated button
on the remote control to ad-
just the video signal resolu-
tion as well as an integrated
teletext decoder. The inter-
nal software of the HS18