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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
first, and that is something I am very
proud of!”, says Scott with a smile.
Scott never planned for this to hap-
pen although deep down he wanted it:
he found an expansion of SatelliteG- that other digital TV companies
should stop and think about: instead of
operating their own legally liable ques-
tion and answer forum, their customer
service employees could answer ques-
tions on an external forum such as Sat-
Scott’s original idea to provide a plat-
form for other satellite enthusiasts to
get help with their technical questions
is well on its way to becoming self-
sufficient and becoming the customer
service point for a number of digital TV
companies. Scott managed to discover
a very interesting perspective of the
future making it possible for his forum
to become even much larger and more
1. As the IT Manager, Scott is responsible
for his employer’s 14 servers.
2. New from Sirius and being tested by
Scott: an indoor radio from satellite radio
provider Sirius. “The Sirius signal is so
strong that you don’t need a direct view of
the satellite. As long as you’re relatively
close to the window, the signal strength
is good enough for this small antenna.”
The unit not only can receive the Sirius
satellite radio signal, it can also receive
Internet radio through a WiFi receiver.
3. Scott in his office. From here he
keeps an eye on the performance of the server