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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
pictures.” That was his first test report
that he from then on continuously kept
up to date. He posted this report on the
website that he was already
using for streaming the radio program.
He became well-known in the scene
practically overnight; even CBS and C-
NET contacted him so they could report
on his experience with this new digital
TV technology. When that cable com-
pany expanded their product palette to
include Internet service in 1998, Scott
was again one of the first customer to
get connected This time Scott became
active again but for a different rea-
son: “The cable company was unable
to deliver what they had promised.”
Scott founded a Yahoo Group that very
quickly had nearly 1000 members; they
were all cable customers who were not
happy with their Internet service. Scott
stood firm and finally at some point the
cable company solved the technical
Scott realized that there were many
users that had technical problems and
that more could be done as a group
rather than individually. Scott took this
realization and carried it over into sat-
ellite reception and in 2000 became a
member of the first real satellite forum
DBSForum and then later on DBSTalk.
“I began by posting news and rumors
1. How far can his dishes
see? Scott pulls his iPhone
from his pocket and
starts Dishpointer (www. The
display shows the receivable
satellites from his location.
“The range covers 50W to
2. Naturally Scott uses
another motorized
antenna for terrestrial TV.
“Sometimes I can receive the
digital TV channels from New
3. Who in the USA is the
owner of this black Lincoln?
Sorry, we won’t tell.