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21 —
04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
available TV system, the
next step would be to set
up the correct connection
to the satellite antenna. The
HS18 supports all of the
available DiSEqC protocols,
that is, 1.0 for reception of
up to four satellites, 1.1 for
up to 16 satellites as well as
1.2 and 1.3 for motorized
antennas. The list of prepro-
grammed satellite positions
is made up of 46 entries
and includes all of the stan-
dard European satellites.
We were happy to see that
the list itself was very up-
to-date. The transponder
list as well as the satellite
list can easily be edited so
that it really only takes just
a few button-pushes on the
remote control to add, edit
or delete transponder or
satellite entries.
On the LNB side of things
there are a large number of
preprogrammed LOF val-
ues available for the C-band
and the Ku-band; manual
LOF entry is not possible.
Once the receiver knows
exactly what satellites it
can receive, the next step
involves filling up the chan-
nel list. To accomplish this
task, there are three search
modes available: an auto-
matic channel scan on one
satellite, an automatic chan-
nel scan on multiple satel-
lites and also a transponder
The user will like the ability
to limit the automatic chan-
nel scan to FTA-only (free-
to-air) and also to TV or ra-
dio only and to TV and radio.
Added to this is the inte-
grated network scan and as
a special bonus there‘s also
a BlindScan. The BlindScan
feature functioned quite
well in our tests and man-
aged to find 1461 TV chan-
nels and 516 radio channels
on HOTBIRD at 13°E in just
four minutes. In comparison
the automatic channel scan
of HOTBIRD at 13°E with the
help of the preprogrammed
transponder data found
1478 TV channels and 522
radio channels in about six
Once the channel list has
been filled with hundreds of
channels, it would be nice
for the user to have a de-
cent channel sorting and ed-
iting function; the Skyworth
HS18 doesn‘t disappoint
here either. In a clearly and
logically designed menu in-
dividual channels can be as-
signed a PIN code, deleted,
moved, renamed or moved
into one of the 32 freely
namable Favorites Lists. It
deserves to be mentioned
here that if needed all the
1. Main Menu (Antenna installation)
2. Main Menu (System settings)
3. Main Menu (Tools)
4. PVR Menu
5. The extensive satellite list with all usable European orbital
6. Antenna settings including position entry for DiSEqC 1.3
7. DiSEqC 1.1 for up to 16 LNBs is also supported
8. The LNB LOF values can be selected from a preprogrammed list;
manual entry is not possible
9. Channel scan on one satellite
10. Transponder scan
11. The HS18 also supports BlindScan
12. Thanks to extensive editing capabilities, the channel list can
easily be matched to a user‘s requirements
13. All channels on a satellite can be deleted with the push of just
one button
14. Setting the time by choosing the country and city
15. The receiver‘s software can quickly be updated via USB
storage devices