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207 —
04-05/2012 —
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• Fornisce assistenza a domande
tecniche sulla ricezione satellitare
• Fondato da Scott come forum
• Tutte le entrate pubblicitarie
vengono reinvestite in migliore
• Nuovo è l’uso dei forum attraverso
impiegati di Customer Service di
aziende di TV digitale
Scott Gerczkowski’s home in
Newington outside of Hartford,
Connecticut in the USA. Scott operates
his satellite forum
from here. On the street side he has two
motorized dishes installed; four smaller
fixed dishes are mounted on the wall.
To the left is a multifocus dish with five
LNBs for DirecTV, in the middle is a dish
for the DishNetwork eastern arc pointing
to 61.5W, 72.7W and 77W plus another
antenna for the DishNetwork western
arc at 110W and 119W. All the way to the
right is another antenna for 110W. This
dish is used for automatic scanning that
takes place every hour. It can instantly
identify when a new channel appears on
DishNetwork and posts this information
in the forum thread Uplink Report.