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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
The 26 Satellite Antennas
from SZMG in Shenzhen
Ground Station Shenzhen TV, China
A guard post is located just
outside the entrance to the SZMG
Ground Station. On the site are 20
reception antennas as well as 6
transmission dishes. Shenzhen is
situated directly on the coast; the
SZMG Ground Station is only 50m
above sea level.
The TV Organization of Shenzhen
managed to construct a very impressive
Ground Station in the Xili suburb (north
of Nanshan on the western side of the
big city of Shenzhen) in just a couple
of years. Roughly 12 million people live
in the greater Shenzhen area and be-
cause of all the high-tech companies
that call this city home, it’s an area with
the highest income per person in all of
Mainland China. Many of the worldwide
leading Digital TV receiver manufactur-
ers are headquartered here and it’s for
this reason that TELE-satellite reports
quite often from Shenzhen.
The city has acquired special sta-
tus: in addition to the state-run CCTV
channels, only one channel from each
of the 22 provinces is allowed to be
transmitted via satellite. Shenzhen is
in the Guangdong province (also known
as Canton in the west) and Guangzhou
is the capital city with 10 million inhab-
itants. So, only the TV channel from
Guangzhou is allowed to transmit via
satellite and is therefore receivable ev-
erywhere in China. As an exception to
the “One TV channel from each Prov-
ince” rule, Shenzhen TV can also trans-
mit via satellite so that everyone in
China and, thanks to satellite spillover,
those in neighboring countries, can see
what’s going on in Shenzhen.
The fact that Shenzhen TV happens