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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
pler to place their orders directly with us
as opposed to going through the nation-
al distributor from their own country.”
What can you order from Hypex? As a
provider of professional satellite recep-
tion components, Hypex offers a large
assortment of satellite dishes. “We even
sell antennas up to 20 meters in diam-
Giant antennas like these are only
rarely ordered but the sales figures for
smaller sizes look quite different: “We
typically sell about one 4.0-meter dish a
year, with 3.0-meter antennas it’s about
10 a year and we sell about 100 of the
2.4-meter dishes a year.” Those are
very high sales numbers for dishes of
these sizes. “The 2.4-meter dish is pri-
marily used by our dealers and installers
for private customers from Arabic coun-
tries here in London who want to watch
TV from home.”
Naturally the sales numbers for small-
er dishes are much higher. “We offer
60cm, 80cm and 110cm dishes of which
we sell about 5000 pieces a year.”
There’s another product group that
has similar sales numbers: Hypex also
offers Turbosat receivers (Icecrypt).
“Our bestseller is the S2000Ci; it makes
up about 40% of all our receiver sales”,
Neal tells us after having a look at his
sales statistics, “This is followed by the
T5000 DVB-T receiver at 20%.”
The sales numbers for these receivers
were about the same for 2010 and 2011
at about 5000 receivers per year.
The LNB group is much higher from
a numbers point of view but not from a
value standpoint. Roughly 25,000 LNBs
pass through the Hypex warehouse ev-
ery year. A bright light for this group (in
every sense of the word) would be the
fibre-optic LNBs from GlobalInvacom.
“In 2010 we sold about 250 of these
LNBs but in 2011 this number tripled to
750.” If this trend continues, it will be
Hypex’s strongest growing segment.
Additional digital TV products offered
by Hypex are TV wall mounts. “We sell
about 8000 wall mounts a year for TVs
of all shapes and sizes.” Hypex is diver-
sifying into other areas and offers for
Keith Rhoden is the Warehouse Manager
and one of Hypex’s 12 employees. Here he
is preparing a dish to be shipped out. In
the background are two 2.4-meter antenna
packages ready for the truck driver. He
along with two other employees takes care
of the warehouse and shipping. Another
four Hypex employees are in sales with
the remainder in administration and