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169 —
04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
on cable distribution technology. “Chi-
na supplied us the components and we
assembled modulators and amplifiers
as well as other components that are
used for TV signal distribution“, ex-
plains Joao regarding the company’s
strategy today. “We employ 25 peo-
ple of which 15 are in manufacturing,
three are in engineering with the re-
maining in administration and sales”,
he lists for us.
Roughly 10,000 units are shipped by
Wadt every year. The company found-
er’s daughter, Neide, who still actively
takes care of the company’s finances,
tells us more about these sales fig-
ures: “Our sales equate to about 2 mil-
lion Brazilian Real each year.”
But things will be changing here as
Joao tells us: “For years now the Bra-
zilian government hasn’t issued any
new cable licenses but that’s in the
process of changing.” With the new
cable systems and new cable compa-
nies he foresees a big new market for
Wadt. “We already have the new digital
TV modulators available”, says Joao.
Any new cable systems will no longer
employ analog technology.
Wadt even has satellite receivers
and digital terrestrial TV receivers to
offer but Joao doesn’t see much of
a future for this segment because of
low product prices. “We’re concentrat-
ing completely on cable distribution
technology”, confirms Joao. He is con-
vinced that this decision will keep the
old company Wadt alive and well for
decades to come.
One of Wadt’s
technicians at work.