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São Paulo
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
Neide is the daughter of the
company’s founder and takes care of
Wadt’s finances. Joao, Neide’s son and
the company founder’s grandson is
headend manufacturer Wadt’s Technical
Director in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A Family Company
in the Cable Distribution Field
The company Wadt has been in ex-
istence for three generations. It was
founded by Nelson Wadt back in 1945.
It’s a story of emigration in that Nel-
son Wadt is originally from Germany.
The company, that has been suc-
would take - namely further in the
direction of reception. When the first
cable TV systems were being installed,
Wadt was right in the middle of things
offering the first cable headends.
“Wadt’s best times were before
1994”, remembers the company
founder’s Grandson, “Back then we
had 200 employees.” Those days are
over; in 1994 the Brazilian govern-
ment lifted the high import duties af-
ter which HF products came into the
country at low prices.
Wadt had to specialize and focused
cessful for so many years, is all by it-
self interesting because of its success,
but since they manufacture cable dis-
tribution equipment, it’s the perfect
reason for us to pay them a visit.
The company founder’s grandson,
Joao Alfredo Wadt Miranda, who today
is the company’s Technical Director,
thinks back to the products that
started it all: “It was car radi-
os for Ford vehicles that my
Grandfather manufactured
first.” It was already ob-
vious back then what
path the company
Headend Manufacturer Wadt, Brazil