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04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
ceivers can receive modes that otherwise
could only be received with much more
expensive professional receivers.” 8PSK
and 4:2:2 he points out as an example.
Sure enough, Rick was able to start a
new business with AZBox receivers: he
sells them also to uplinkers and profes-
sional users thereby saving them almost
ten times the cost of a professional box.
“Obviously, this works for only a few ap-
plications, such as, for monitoring.”
Clearly, this niche has become so large
that Rick can divide his business into
three nearly identical segments: satellite
enthusiasts (hobbyists), professional us-
ers (uplinkers) and FTA viewers (regular
viewers). Rick is happy with the way his
business has developed: “We had a 20%
increase in business in 2011 and AZ Box
was one of the major reasons for that and
we anticipate another 20% increase in
2012 with that distributed evenly across
all three business segments.”
Rick and Bobbie made the right deci-
sion 10 years ago: they converted their
hobby into a successful business. They
had to deal with a number of difficulties
but now there’s no holding back. With the
right products Ricks Satellite business
can only continue to climb upwards.
1. Rick Caylor is a guest on “The Power
Hour” radio show every second Friday
on GALAXY 19 (11.836V SR20765,
Channel Star4, Mono Right) and reports
(not only) on satellite reception. The
broadcasts are archived in the Internet at
2. There’s no doubt about it! A satellite
enthusiast is working here! Rick is
constantly putting receivers to the test
and connecting them to his satellite