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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
they were analog. Additional receivers
for other rooms are also another $5.00
a month.”
Rick continues: “Many people that went
to the Satellite Pay services are canceling
their service when their original 2 year
commitment is over.”
This is where GALAXY 19 comes into
play: “There are only one-time reception
system costs involved with this satellite,
after that, no additional costs. That’s why
we’re now getting quite a few complete
system orders for this satellite.” Rick is
convinced that more and more viewers
are ready to give up paying monthly sub-
scription fees and that they’ll find happi-
ness with the FTA alternative. “Unfortu-
nately, only a few potential viewers are
aware of this possibility, but the word is
slowly getting out.”
Since Rick is himself a satellite enthu-
siast, he knows exactly what receivers
are appropriate for the North American
market. One receiver brand stands out
in particular: “AZBox has exactly the re-
ceivers that are optimally suited for this
region”, says Rick. He is so enthusiastic
about their products that he has even
taken over the North American distribu-
tion of that brand name. “The AZBox re-
1. Bobbie, Rick’s better half, is always on the telephone. “I get almost 200 telephone calls
from customers a week.”
2. UPS bringing a delivery of receivers. The garage and a separate building extension
serve as the warehouse. Ricks Satellite is purely an online shop and ships to its
customers from around the world via mail and courier.