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155 —
04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
1. Engineer Lin Ling is Sowell’s 3D project team leader. He and his team are developing
the hardware for the new 3D receivers. “One of our engineers works in Germany and
together with us is developing the 3D software.”
2. One of the employees in the large Sowell R&D Team. She is one of the PCB
3. Hui Liu is a member of the design team that deals with everything visual including
the receiver front panels. Here we see how Hui Lin redesigns a front panel for an OEM
4. Total concentration: Roy Lin is the software engineer team leader; they are currently
working on the Realtek Chipset that will be installed in the new IPTV receivers. The TV
monitor in the background is displaying the OSD of this IPTV sample unit.
5. Linux receivers are still in high demand. Bing Nie is Project Manager for Sowell’s
Linux-based HDTV receivers.
6. Nothing tops a test of the actual product. Jiang Tingshan is one of the four
engineers in the test center. Here we see him as he checks the scan function of a new
software version.
7. Sometimes changes to the hardware are necessary during development. This is
done here. Even the verification of technical data takes place here in the instrument