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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 04-05/2012
Chip Flashing
I own a satellite meter, which is be-
ing sold under many different brands.
It is easy to recognize the different
OEM versions, as they look pretty
much the same, with slight variations
on the colour and logo. Because my
model came pre-configured with Asian
locations and my distributor does not
provide any localized firmware for the
European region, I figured that I could
upgrade the firmware with a release
This is the story on how the
desire to change the localized
settings of a satellite meter
ended up with the external
programming of its flash chip
Vitor Martins Augusto
1. Picture of the main board of my
satellite meter.
2. The ALI M3329D processor gives
hopes that there is a possible JTAG
programming route to rescue the
made available from a different dis-
tributor. I expected to get some extra
functionality, but above all, I hoped
that the new settings would match my
region. Actually, the only annoyance
that got me to look for a different firm-
ware in the first place was the fact that
I could not edit the name of my loca-
tion. I had to program “Shanghai” with
my latitude and longitude, but I could
not change the name to my hometown
“Porto”. This annoyed me. A lot.
After copying the new firmware file
onto a USB pen, I activated the flash-
ing procedure on my satellite meter
and the device turned itself off, as