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109 —
04-05/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
to the antenna output of the
AZBox ME and looked at the
spectrum analyser to find out
what was going on. It turned
out that the beta version of
the blind scan mode has a
bug which can prevent the
receiver from switching from
high band to low band (0 kHz
signal instead of 22 kHz sig-
nal) in the final step of a blind
scan. What happens then is
that transponders found in the
low band are later scanned in
the high band, which of course
yields no results.
When we examined the ‘sat-
ellites.xml’ file, which Linux
receivers generally use to
save their transponder list, we
found that details of transpon-
ders found using blind scan
unfortunately are not added
to the general transponder
list. Opensat’s software engi-
neers are currently address-
ing that issue and will offer a
fix shortly.
While the new blind scan
mode still leaves some room
for improvement, feed hunters
may nonetheless use it at this
stage to write down the fre-
quencies of all detected tran-
sponders and then perform
manual scans using that data.
In addition, we have noth-
ing but praise for Opensat’s
speedy firmware development
which keeps adding great fea-
tures to a receiver that never
ceases to amaze us. We’re all
looking forward to the final re-
lease version of the blind scan
feature, yet even now the AZ-
Box ME is a fascinating box al-
ready. It’s hard to believe such
a small and inexpensive satel-
lite receiver can offer so many
useful functions. You can be
sure this isn’t the last time you
read about that super box.
can compare these PIDs with
the ones specified on popular
satellite websites to make sure
they did indeed find a new
channel and not just an existing
channel with a different name.
18. Service Info of Ribamontana:
the Symbol Rate is specified in
Bit/s instead of the usual Kbit/s!
Clearly a very low SR, showing
the excellent capabilities of the
19. Tunisia 1 on TELSTAR 15.0W.
Also a channel with low Symbol
Rate. Most receivers are not able
to receive such channels.
20. Verification of TELSTAR
15.0W with our spectrum
analyzer. We compared the
number of found transponders
with the number of spikes seen
on the spectrum (only one image
shown, but of course we used
all four bands: V-L, H-L, V-H and
H-H). The blind scan did not miss
any transponder!