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87 —
02-03/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
tion if you wanted to. Fulan
addressed this problem in
their Spark software and
has provided the capabil-
ity to store any of your fa-
vorite YouTube videos onto
a local storage device. The
download process was actu-
ally quite fast; we were then
able to access the video
clips stored on our USB stick
outside of the YouTube app
through the data manager of
our Spark compatible receiv-
er. It handled the YouTube
clips just like any other re-
cordings that were received
via satellite, cable or terres-
trially. If you link the stor-
age device with a PC, you
can edit the video clips to
your heart‘s desire. We ap-
preciated that the clips are
stored in MOV format; you
can use nearly any playback
software without any further
The array of practical
functions in the YouTube app
are further enhanced by the
History function. It can be
used to recall clips that have
already been viewed with
the push of just one button.
In conclusion we want to
highlight the fact that almost
no other manufacturer has
integrated YouTube into their
digital receiver software so
professionally and in such
a sophisticated manner. Fu-
lan‘s software programmers
really went all out in pro-
viding the user with a well-
rounded software package
for YouTube reception in the
living room.
13. Search for „Madonna“
14. Mobile telephone text-
style keyboard
15. Even Cyrillic
characters are no
problem for the Spark
16. Search results for
17. Search results for
„Madonna“ limited to
USA and HD content
18. The same search for
Korea returns completely
different results
19. The Spark software
can store YouTube videos
effortlessly onto local
storage devices
20. Playback of locally
stored YouTube content