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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
day only, from the current
week, the current month or
you can choose to show all
available videos. With just
the push of one button the
user can eliminate old clips
or those clips that are no
longer interesting resulting
in search results that are not
full of unnecessary trash.
4. Country selection Spain
5. Limiting the displayed videos to those from the USA,
from this week and HD-only
6. The different groups of clips can be called up using
the yellow function button
7. The user can also orient themselves to the tastes of
other YouTube users
The third option is espe-
cially interesting for those
who have an HD compat-
ible plasma, LCD or LED TV:
you can limit the displayed
video clips to those that are
in 640x480 or 1280x720 for-
mat so that with the push of
one button on the remote
control you can fine tune
the search to ignore non-HD
content. We really liked this
function in our tests; trying
to watch a low resolution
video on a 50“ LCD TV isn‘t
all that pleasing to the eye.
In addition to the ability to
take advantage of the three
fine tuning search options
just mentioned above, the
Spark software also supports
the capability to access vid-
eo clips from specific groups
including Movies, Cars, Mu-
sic, Animals, Sports, Travel,
Short Movies, Videoblog,
Games, Comedy, People,
News, Entertainment, Edu-
cation, HowTo, Nonprofit,
Tech, Movies_anime_ani-
mal, Movies Comedy, Movies
Documentation, Movies Ac-
tion, Movies Classics, Mov-
ies Foreign, Movies Horror,
Movies Drama, Movies Fam-
ily, Movies Shorts, Movies
SciFi, Movies Thriller as well
as Trailers. In this way it‘s
much easier and quicker to
find the content you‘re look-
ing for!
If all of these choices are
still not enough, you can
search for new videos ac-
cording on the tastes of oth-
ers. The blue function button
allows you to display video
clips based on the following
criteria: highest rated, top
favorites, top viewed, most
talked about, most linked
and most commented. Of
course, all of these choices
can be used in conjunction
with the search limitations
provided by the green func-
tion button with regard to
country, date and resolution.
We also liked the ability
to display those videos that
are currently being viewed
by others. If you‘re cur-
rently watching a recap of
an NBA basketball game,
you can, with the push of a
single button, call up dozens
of additional videos that are
connected to that game or
to the NBA in general. This
actually makes it fun to take
advantage of the unbeliev-
able number of YouTube vid-
eos that are available.
But what would YouTube
be without a sophisticated
search function? Fulan put
quite a bit of work in this
part of it as well. They inte-
grated the ability to search
the seemingly endless You-
Tube archives based on spe-
cific keywords. For this you
can use a fully fledged OSD
keyboard or you can switch
over to a mobile telephone
style text entry format. Fu-
lan even thought of those
users that don‘t utilize Latin