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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
Spark Receiver Software
This Makes it Fun
to Watch YouTube
With Your Receiver
Thomas Haring
vert a digital receiver into
a multimedia machine with
total Internet integration -
that are the subject of our
new series of articles that
will introduce you to these
special Spark features indi-
vidually in the upcoming is-
sues of TELE-satellite.
We‘re going to start things
off with an Internet service
that over the past several
years has boomed and is
becoming increasingly more
and more popular: YouTube.
Thanks to larger bandwidths
in the Internet the limits
between TV reception via
satellite, cable, terrestrial
antenna and also the Inter-
net are becoming less and
less distinct. It‘s no surprise
then that many TV viewers
also access YouTube con-
tent since the days of pixi-
lated low resolution videos
are over - HD is the magical
word of the future! But who
wants to sit in front of a PC
monitor and watch YouTube
videos when instead you
can watch them in top notch
HD quality on that LCD big
screen TV you have in your
living room? Fulan had this
in mind too when they in-
tegrated YouTube into their
Spark receiver software.
When you start the You-
Tube app, the user is imme-
diately greeted with the best
recommended videos from
around the world. But, as a
user in Germany, would I be
interested in those videos
that are currently popular in
the USA? Or the other way
around, would someone in
the USA want to know what
the top videos from Korea or
Taiwan are?
It‘s exactly for this rea-
son that Fulan integrated
three different options into
the green function button on
their remote control: First of
all, you can choose a specific
country from a list that in-
cludes Worldwide, Australia,
Brazil, Canada, France, Ger-
many, The United Kingdom,
Holland, Hong Kong Ireland,
Italy, Japan, Mexico, New
Zealand, Poland, Russia,
South Korea, Spain, Taiwan
and the USA. The user can
therefore limit the search or
display results from one of
these countries.
The second option allows
the user to select how old
the displayed video clips
should be. The results can
be limited to clips from to-
1. The YouTube app can be
found under the Networking
heading in the Spark software‘s
Main Menu
2. The YouTube app is just one
of the many practical apps
offered by the Spark software.
3. The YouTube App start page
We‘ve reported a number
of times already in TELE-sat-
ellite about receivers from
that included the innovative
Spark software from Fulan.
Spark sets new standards
for digital receiver software
in that it‘s not limited to just
the solid, sophisticated basic
structure that operates the
device, but rather also pro-
vides numerous elegant ad-
ditional functions and extra
It‘s exactly these addition-
al features - those that con-