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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
17. iPhone link with the Logitech Revue
18. Smartphone App Main Menu
19. By tapping the SmartPhone‘s touch screen, the
commands are sent via WiFi to the Logitech Revue
20. Even the TV can be controlled via the
21. Control of a cable or satellite receiver linked to
the Logitech Revue box is also possible
signal output directly on a
TV and the same signal as
viewed through the Logitech
We especially liked the
function (PIP) with which you
can watch TV and use In-
ternet services at the same
time. This is where the Logi-
tech Revue‘s multitasking
capabilities stand out; it lets
you use streaming servic-
es (such as Pandora) in the
background while the user
views other active services.
Surfing the
Internet and
External Media
It should really come as no
surprise to anyone that the
Logitech Revue also comes
with a specially adapted ver-
sion of the Google Chrome
Internet browser. It lets us-
ers surf the Internet from
the comfort of their couches.
Unfortunately, not all add
ons such as Flash Animation
are available but, even so,
our tests showed that it still
is ideal for everyday use.
The screenshots accom-
panying this report show the
TELE-satellite website that
was displayed without any
problems. Thanks to the re-
mote control keyboard, In-
ternet pages can be quickly
and easily accessed; the in-
tegrated track pad makes it
easy to select links.
Thanks to the two USB 2.0
ports, external storage me-
dia such as USB sticks and
hard drives can be linked
with the Logitech Revue so
that MP3 music, videos and
photos can be played back.
Our tests demonstrated that
these functions worked per-
fectly and were also fun to
play with.
With the integrated Logi-
tech Revue HD App the box
is also (when you use an ex-
ternal webcam that unfortu-
nately isn‘t included in the
package) video chat compat-
ible - and in HD quality no
The station at the other
end could be another Logi-
tech Revue box or you can
simply install the necessary
MS Windows or Mac OS X
software on your PC or lap-
via a SmartPhone
As you would expect with
a modern set top box, the
Logitech Revue can also be
controlled by a SmartPhone.
The corresponding apps for
Android SmartPhones and
Apple‘s iPhone are available.
Our tests showed that this
function is actually quite
practical; the idea of using a
smaller control system rather
than a relatively larger key-
board to access just a single
function is very appealing.
Thanks to the Logitech
Harmony App, you have
easy and above all complete
SmartPhone control of not
only the Logitech Revue box,
but also external devices
such as a set top box, a TV
or an A/V receiver.
On top of all the many dif-
ferent practical functions of
the Logitech Revue, there‘s
also the ability to update the
box‘s software automatically
via the Internet.
While we were performing
our tests an update became
available from the manufac-
turer; within just a few min-
utes it was downloaded to
the box and then installed
after a short restart.
All in all we had quite a
bit of fun testing the Logi-
tech Revue with Google TV.
The merging of TV, Internet
and multimedia is a fantastic
experience for the end user
that will bring with it a lot of