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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
12. Even video Podcasts can
be displayed
13. Greeting from the
Installation Assistant
14. The box‘s video output
can be matched to the TV
15. External cable or satellite
receivers can be operated
through the Logitech Revue
16. Even TVs and A/V
receivers can be controlled
through the Logitech Revue‘s
search for content, is pro-
vided with matching streams
and can rate individual songs
with either the „thumbs up“
or „thumbs down“ button
thereby influencing how of-
ten the title or similar titles
are played back.
Even sports fans will be
happy with the NBA Game
Time. It provides you with
not only an overview of cur-
rent games as well as up
to date scores, but also the
ability to view video clip
highlights of various games
directly on the Logitech Re-
vue box.
In addition to these espe-
cially popular services there
are also dozens of other
things that are available
such as specially prepared
online versions of a variety
of newspapers (like USA
Today and The New York
Times) as well as exclusive
Google TV online content
from sources such as CNN,
Al Jazeera, C-Span, CNBC
plus many more. It provides
access to live TV streams
and video clips as well as
gives the user up-to-date
editorial information.
You‘ll also find content
such as PBS Kids, This Week
In, Cartoon Network, blip.
tv, Vimeo or SideReel on the
Logitech Revue.
Thanks to the update and
editing functions new ser-
vices can be added. Logitech
also continuously keeps the
database of available entries
up to date.
Even the integration of
Podcasts is possible through
Google TV. You have not only
a preprogrammed databank
full of a large assortment of
content, but you can also
add and playback your own
Podcasts as well.
Live TV with the
Logitech Revue
The features that we‘ve
mentioned up until now re-
ally don‘t differentiate the
Logitech Revue from any
standard media player. But
the magic phrase here is
HDMI Input!
Most of our readers as-
sociate the HDMI interface
with set top boxes or receiv-
ers only as an output, but
with the Logitech Revue it is
an HDMI input!
Naturally, the manufactur-
er didn‘t limit this interface
as a simple connection be-
tween the box and external
devices, instead, the devel-
opers put a lot of work into
this so that the Logitech Re-
vue can also be used to con-
trol external set top boxes.
As we mentioned earlier
during the course of the in-
stallation, after entering
in your local zip code, you
simply need to select your
TV provider as well as the
receiver model that you are
using. This can be done ei-
ther by selecting the correct
designation or you can iden-
tify the correct image that is
stored in the software of the
Logitech Revue. All of the re-
quired remote control codes
are already preprogrammed
as are the channel lists from
the cable or satellite provid-
Thanks to this database,
the Logitech Revue can work
with nearly every type of re-
ceiver hardware that a user
might have.
In our tests the picture
quality via the HDMI output
was absolutely outstanding;
we were unable to detect
any difference between the