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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
the whole system in which
Huber+Suhner CLIK! Splitter
Box is used. Our test system
included: 90cm dish aimed
at HOTBIRD satellite on 13°
E, an optical LNB, optic fib-
er cable, optic splitter and
optic-to-RF signal converter
(re-modulator) that was de-
livering the IF signal suitable
for a satellite receiver. The
optical LNB generated light
in the 1310 nm band. The
light carrier was modulated
with 0.95-5.45 GHz RF signal
which was Ku-Band low and
high sub bands of both po-
larizations stacked one over
the other.
We tested 5 CLIK! Splitter
Box models. The table below
presents the insertion losses
specified in manufacturer
You can see the results in
the attached graphs. Please
mind that on top of the op-
tic splitter losses, there are
losses caused by nonlinear
transfer function of the op-
tic-to-RF signal converter.
Because of that, the losses
for 10, 20 and 30% outputs
may appear slightly higher
than specified for certain
frequencies. This is due to
Splitting ratio
% 2 x 50 30/70 20/80 10/90 4 x 25
Insertion loss
dB 3.8 each 6.3/2.1 8.4/1.4 12.0/0.8 7.7 each