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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
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Digital Cable Meter
Accuracy is something
that every installer will val-
ue with a signal meter but
apart from that true profes-
sional users have further
demands on a meter: the
instrument should have a
bright and readable display,
and its keyboard should be
easy to operate. It should
also offer a wide choice of
accessories making the
work simpler and more ef-
ficient. To our delight, the
new Digipro C Max by Sat-
catcher fulfills all those re-
quirements. Its display is
exceptionally bright and
clear, you can operate its
keyboard even with gloves
on your hands, and the
number of accessories they
offer to the professional
user is really surprising.
The meter can be sup-
plied packaged in two ways.
In a metal box like other
Satcatcher meters or in a
premium package with lots
of extras included. For our
test we opted for the latter
and were delighted at the
many useful accessories.
The most unusual and most
useful for an installer is a
fully adjustable vest with a
lot of pockets and straps. It
allows you not only to trans-
port and use the meter in a
convenient way but also to
keep handy all sorts of other
tools an installer must have.
Apart for the vest, you get
a plug type power supply,
a car lighter DC charger, a
neck strap with a piece of
sheep skin fur to avoid skin
irritation, and a bad weath-
er cover for the meter along
with an attachable sun
shade. Everything is neatly
packed in a carrying bag so
you do not need to worry
that your meter accessories
will disappear somewhere
over time.
The workmanship of the
Digipro C Max is very good.
The enclosure is robust but
quite elegant at the same
time. Buttons are large and
clearly labeled. The POWER
button has an edging around
it what guarantees that the
meter will not switch on ac-
cidentally when pressed
against a solid surface. The
keyboard consists of a nu-
meric keypad, quick access
buttons, navigational arrows
and 4 function keys F1 - F4.
The function of these F1 –
F4 buttons depends on the
particular menu or screen
you arrived at and is always
explained at the bottom of
the display window. Speak-
ing of the display, it is one
of the strongest points of
this meter. This TFT LCD It
is very bright and clear. You
will be able to read it even
outside in a very sunny day.
There is also a loudspeaker
embedded in the Digipro C
Max Professional, giving off
a significant sound volume.
The Digipro C-Max Profes-
sional lets you either use
a pre-programmed chan-
nel band plan or you may
choose to blindscan the
whole bandwidth. The effort