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SatCatcher Ltd, Unit 7, Salvesen Way, Hull,
East Yorkshire, HU3 4UQ, UNITED KINGDOM
Digipro C Max
Digital and analog cable TV meter
Input frequency range
46 MHz - 862 MHz for digital TV
46 MHz – 870 MHz for analog TV
Input signal level range
40dBuV - 110dBuV for digital TV
25dBuV – 120dBuV for analog TV
Accuracy of level measurement
2 dB for digital TV
1.5 dB for analog TV
DVB-C symbol rates
1 – 7 Ms/sec
16/32 /64/128/256QAM
Digital TV standard
Channel bandwidth
4, 8, 20, 40 MHz, USA version: 6 instead of 8 MHz
Working time when fully charged
4 – 5 hours
Jacek Pawlowski
Test Center
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
Exceptionally accurate
Very bright and clear display
A lot of useful accessories
USB application available for editing band plan
Expert Opinion
ly valuable function of the
meter, which is so useful
for the professional install-
er: the tilt measurement.
Up to ten channels can be
selected for this. Usually,
you would select channels
evenly distributed over the
whole frequency range. Of
course, the selected chan-
nels must carry a TV signal.
You first measure those
channels in the TILT Meas-
ure submenu somewhere in
the beginning of the cable
network, where all the sig-
nals are strong and rela-
tively equal in amplitude.
then you press the REF but-
ton to store those channels’
levels as reference. Then
you move to various other
points of the network and
repeat this measurement.
You will see the difference
expressed in decibels be-
tween the reference level
and the current level for
every channel.
The tilt measurement al-
lows you to quickly iden-
tify signal level differences
over a specified frequency
range. Then all you do is
insert an attenuator or
an equalizar in order to
smoothen the differenc-
es according to the cable
Thanks to this, you can
easily find out if the cabling
along with the distribution
equipment does not intro-
duce excessive attenuation
in particular parts of the
cable TV frequency range.
We found the Digipro C-
Max to be a very mature
meter, offering to the in-
staller all the features he
needs to properly align a
cable system. The accu-
racy of the meter matches
our professional reference
meters and the accesso-
ries made available by Sat-
cacther are an additional
value to the installer.