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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
also install dishes on that roof.” He does
have one handicap that he has to deal
with: “This tree blocks my reception of
THAICOM at 78.5 east!” But that’s the
only obstacle that blocks his otherwise
unobstructed view of the sky. “I can
receive every satellite here. At the far
eastern end is the EXPRESS satellite at
96.5 east that I receive with a 2.20-me-
ter PFA and at the other end is a C-band
satellite at 55 west.” A highlight of his
antenna farm is the 1.8-meter antenna
pointed at ASTRA at 28.2 east. “With
this dish I can receive BBC and ITV.”
György is always building some-
thing. At the moment he is working on
a 1.5-meter antenna that he acquired
very cheaply from somewhere: “The
mount is missing so I’m building a new
one myself.”
György is very handy when it comes
to do-it-yourself projects and he has all
the necessary tools in his workshop.
But he does more than just deal with
the mechanical side of things: “I’m
working on programming an Internet
connection for an EGIS rotor.” His goal
is to be able to control this rotor re-
motely via the Internet. “The control
units for these rotors date back to the
previous century and are written in an-
cient code.”, explains György the chal-
lenges involved in adapting such old
technology to current times.
György lives with his dishes. He’s
always on the lookout for new dishes
that he can get for a very good price so
that he can work on putting them back
into service. He’s always testing, prob-
ing and building. Once and a while he’ll
actually sit down and watch TV, but for
a real satellite enthusiast, watching TV
is more of a side thing to do. The actual
excitement is being able to receive any-
thing and everything and taking advan-
tage of all the necessary technology.
His true hobby is how a satellite sig-
nal can be received with a dish and an
LNB. He wasn’t satisfied with just a few
dishes, rather, he continued to expand
and fine-tune his dish farm!
1. In György’s shack: He’s fabricating
a new LNB holder by himself for one of
his dishes. Many of the used antennas
that he buys have missing or have worn
out parts or have to be retrofitted to
match the size of today’s LNBs.
2. György has his large assortment
of mechanical components nicely
organized and includes a vast
collection of screws, nuts, washers, etc.