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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
es were erected in Moscow with which
CNN was received. György worked for
many years in Moscow: “I worked for a
local authority and handled electronic
communications”, he says as he thinks
back to those days.
Today György is retired and can
therefore spend as much time as he
wants with his hobby. “A few years ago
I was in the USA and bought a num-
ber of large used dishes.” He packed
them in a container in order to get
them home; they are now all mount-
ed on the wall of his home. There are
six apartments in his building. “When
my neighbor moved out, I bought his
apartment”, says György who then tore
down the dividing wall between the two
apartments. This all had a nice side ef-
fect: one less person to complain about
all of his dishes. “With my other neigh-
bors upstairs who happen to come from
Russia, I came to an agreement. They
get all of their Russian TV channels
from me and in return don’t complain
about all the antennas”, grins György.
The vacant property next door will
have a house built on it in the near fu-
ture. “I already inquired about buying
the apartment upstairs so that I can
1. Everything he needs to set up his
dishes can be found in this weather-
proof cabinet on the outside wall of
his home. This includes among other
things a receiver with a monitor as
well as an array of tools that he uses
to tighten mounting screws, loosen
mounting screws to reposition a dish
and/or adjust its elevation angle.
A flashlight is inside the cabinet;
György likes to do most of his work in
the evenings. He can even connect a
projection TV to his receiver: “This lets
me project the TV picture onto the wall
of my house making it very easy for
me to adjust dishes that are located a
little further away.” A projection TV for
antenna alignment! Surely György is
unique when it comes to this! He can
even attach a laptop to the lid of this
cabinet; the power cable and Internet
connection are already hard-wired in
place - all he has to do is connect them
to his laptop. Then he can chat with his
hobby colleagues via the Internet while
he’s adjusting an antenna.
2. György even mounted the monitor
on a pull out carrier so that he can
increase his viewing range to the
3. The control box for the EGIS rotor
can be found hidden under a rain hood.
4. What is this? Sure enough, György
even installed a small video camera so
that he can see from inside his house
how his dish is turning.