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The World of Satellite DXers
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— 02-03/2012
A Fulltime
Satellite DXer
Can you find György? He’s
standing on the first floor
between two dishes. Two
large 2.2-meter antennas are
leaning on the garden wall,
unfortunately, there’s no
place to install these monster
dishes as yet.
What could be better in life than actu-
ally living your dream? What could be
better for a satellite enthusiast than to
erect as many dishes as he wants to?
It’s exactly this dream that György in
Budapest is living right now. He has
managed to install 11 satellite antennas
on the roof of his house plus another
20 dishes on the side of his house and
on a secondary wall. “Here in my ga-
rage there are more dishes”, he says to
us on a visit to his home in Budapest’s
district 13, not too far from the center.
György (that’s George in English) has
installed not only normal antennas, but
he can show us all the different dish
variants that have existed over time,
from offset and prime focus dishes to
double-reflector antennas and even
unusual models such as a dish with a
magnifying glass reflector.
He doesn’t even want to attempt to
calculate how much all of this has cost
him: “It has to be several thousand
Euros”. Actually, he only bought just a
few components new for his incredible
antenna array. “I’m always scanning
through eBay; many people have no
idea what they’re selling and very often
I can get dishes and other components
very cheaply.” One of the highlights of
all this is the EGIS rotors that he has.
They are highly professional motors
and were very popular in the early days
of satellite reception since they were
able to move large 1.8-meter anten-
nas. György has five of these motors
all of which are in use: “The first two
I bought brand new but the others I
managed to acquire very inexpensively
through eBay.”
György first started playing around
with satellite reception in 1980: “Back
then the Olympics were in Moscow and
I was there when the TV headquarters
was built.” Hungary had delivered sev-
eral hundred TV monitors and György
was there when the first satellite dish-
Satellite Enthusiast in Budapest, Hungary